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phil wang

Hey Gaalan, it was really nice bumping into you last night and to see you are doing so well, good for you man. I wish I could have stayed and chatted some more with you and your cast but my ride was leaving.

Let’s stay in touch… I might need you to autograph something for my date when I see Xandu or something :p

Hey, I was wondering who you use as a coach for commercial auditions or if you do it solo, if you went solo….right on man.


Hey Phil,

It was great to see you too man. Let me know when you come and see the show and I’ll come out and say hi afterwards.


P.S. The commercials were all me budday(it’s not like I had any lines in either one…)!

Great show Gaelan! Kate and I had a great time and really enjoyed the life you and the other actors brought to the show. It was truly a wonderful experience. It was good seeing you and Melissa again and I wish you both the best for things to come.